General Rental Conditions


The company: ARTEAGA Y ROSELLO PITIUSAS, CB, hereinafter referred to as “the company” in the general rental conditions set forth below.

Deposit: is the amount that the tenant provides in cash or the amount that will be charged to their credit card. It is intended to cover additional expenses arising from the rental. In the case of cash deposit, it will be refunded upon completion of the contract after the vehicle has been inspected.



  • 23 years old and 2 years of experience to rent Scooters
  • 21 years old for bicycles.


  • Valid passport/ID card and valid driving license upon vehicle pickup.
  • Valid driving license to drive in Spain:
  • Driving licenses from the following countries:
  • European Union countries.
  • European Economic Area countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.
  • National driving licenses from other countries that are written in Spanish or accompanied by an official translation are also accepted.
  • International driving licenses.



Our online booking system accepts payment with:

  • VISA cards
  • MASTERCARD cards


The offices accept payment with:

  • Cash (in euros)
  • VISA cards
  • MASTERCARD cards


It will be necessary to present a credit card in the driver’s name. A block will be placed on the credit card for the value of the vehicle’s deposit. This block will be canceled once the contract is completed, provided that the vehicle is returned at the agreed time, place, and conditions.

Payment card information (i.e., card number and expiration date) is stored for a period of 13 months from the date of payment for a credit card. It may be stored for a longer period with your explicit consent to facilitate future payments. In any case, when the payment card expires, the related information will be deleted.

The credit card holder must be included as a driver in the Rental Agreement, as explained in section 5.1.



Reservations made through the website are assumed to be made in good faith. If it is discovered that the user has made the reservation by attempting to manipulate the system or through fraudulent practices, their reservation(s) will be canceled without any right to compensation.

Discounts are only applied to the rental amount of the vehicle, not to extras.

These discounts may be modified in terms of timing, amount, or eliminated without prior notice.

The rental amounts for the vehicles offered on the company’s websites may be subject to changes over time, depending on vehicle availability, supply and demand, all without prior notice.

The amount of a confirmed reservation will never be subject to modifications. The total amount of the reservation will be reflected in the confirmation.


If the vehicle you reserve is indicated as “or similar,” you may be provided with the selected model, one within the same group and with similar features, or a vehicle from a higher group. If, due to force majeure, the reserved group or model cannot be provided, alternatives from a higher group will be offered to you at no additional cost.



If the cancellation is made with more than 24 hours’ notice before the scheduled date and time of the reservation, a voucher for the total amount or a refund of the paid amount will be issued, according to the customer’s choice.


If the cancellation is made with less than 24 hours’ notice before the scheduled date and time of the reservation, the entire amount paid will be forfeited, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

IMPORTANT: Cancellation of a reservation must be requested in writing to the email address [email protected]; this is the only valid method.

If the customer wishes to cancel the Rental Agreement without having reached the final duration, the company is not obligated to refund the amount for the remaining time until the end of the rental.


Modifying any data of the reservation incurs a handling fee of 10€.

The amount of a completed reservation will never be subject to modifications. If a modification results in an increase in the rental price, the customer will be required to pay the price difference plus the handling fee.

IMPORTANT: Requests for reservation modifications must be made in writing to the email address [email protected]; this is the only valid method.


The company will not be responsible for refunding any amount if the customer enters incorrect data in the reservation, such as the pick-up and/or return location, delivery and/or return dates, extras, etc.

The company reserves the right to modify reservations with incorrect data, provided that there is availability of vehicles and/or extras.

These types of modifications will be subject to section 4.4.

The customer may also cancel the reservation according to the conditions stated in section 4.3.



The general rental conditions will apply to the person who signs the rental agreement and presents, as a vehicle deposit, the corresponding credit card of which they are the holder or a specified amount in cash, determined according to the contracted model. The person who signs the rental agreement (regardless of whether they are listed as the driver of the rented vehicle) will assume all costs associated with the rental agreement, as well as any other explicitly indicated driver in the rental agreement who is authorized to drive the vehicle.

All individuals identified in the rental agreement will be jointly responsible for the payment of any amount owed under the contract.

In the event that the reservation has been made and pre-paid by a person other than the main driver, that person must be included as an additional driver in the rental agreement in order to establish their legal connection with the company.


The lessee receives the vehicle specified in the rental agreement in perfect working condition, with all necessary documents, tires, tools, and accessories, as well as in good overall exterior condition and cleanliness. The lessee is responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle (not specified on the checklist provided with the rental agreement), as well as for theft or loss.

The lessee also commits to:

  • Diligently maintain the general condition of the vehicle without engaging in any fraudulent manipulation of its components.
  • Respect at all times and places the current traffic regulations, as well as any legal provisions regarding traffic, transportation, and road safety.
  • Not allow the vehicle to be driven by unauthorized persons under this contract.
  • Not transport persons or goods when it explicitly or implicitly involves subleasing the vehicle or violating legal provisions regarding weight, height, quantity, volume, and nature of the load.
  • Not drive the vehicle outside the island of Ibiza (not even in Formentera) without prior express written authorization from the company.
  • Not drive under physical and/or mental impairment caused by alcohol, drugs, or narcotics, as well as fatigue or debilitating illness.

In the event that, at the time of vehicle collection, the employee suspects that the customer is under physical and/or mental impairment caused by alcohol, drugs, or narcotics, the company reserves the right not to deliver the reserved vehicle, and the customer will not receive any compensation.

Not use the vehicle for towing other vehicles or participating in races, contests, or competitions of any kind.

Not drive on roads or paths unsuitable for circulation that may cause damage or defects.

Possess the corresponding valid driver’s license with the required validity and minimum age according to point 2.1. ARTEAGA Y ROSELLO PITIUSAS C.B. reserves the right of admission in any case.

Lock the vehicle, park in a suitable, adequate, and safe place.

Not act with negligence, understood as a lack of care, application, and diligence, especially in ensuring the proper storage, protection, and care of the vehicle.

Non-compliance with any of the aforementioned written obligations in this clause may limit or invalidate the contracted coverage, and the company may demand the lessee to pay for the total damages suffered by the vehicle.

The maximum liability limit will also be voided, and therefore the lessee will be required to pay the total cost of damages caused to the vehicle.

In case of serious negligence on the part of the customer, the company reserves the right to terminate the contract and immobilize or seize the vehicle.


Refer to the General Insurance Conditions.


The lessee will inform the company of any breakdown suffered by the vehicle. The company will not cover the cost of repairs made by unauthorized individuals without written express authorization, nor will it be responsible for any agreements between the lessee and a third party. In the event of a breakdown, the company, for technical reasons, requires a minimum time to resolve the problem, which is estimated at 4 hours from the moment it becomes aware of it.


The lessee agrees to promptly inform the company of any accidents and immediately provide all relevant notifications related to such accidents. The lessee will fully cooperate with the lessor and the insurance company in the investigation and defense of any claims and legal proceedings. In the event of an accident, the lessee agrees to:

  • Not acknowledge or prejudge liability for the incident.
  • Obtain complete information from the other party and all circumstances surrounding the accident by properly completing the accident report form. Failure to complete the accident report form will result in an additional charge of €80.
  • Immediately notify the authorities if the other party is at fault. Proceed to the office with the damaged vehicle within a maximum of 4 hours to complete the corresponding report.
  • Not abandon the vehicle until the arrival of the authorities (Police or Guardia Civil) or a company representative.
  • In the case of major damages, provide photos of the accident and any necessary elements for clarification. Major damages are understood to be those exceeding 3 cm in length and/or width, except for perforations in the bodywork or exterior elements, which are always considered major damage.
  • In case of non-compliance with the aforementioned points in this section, the lessee will be held responsible for all damages suffered by the vehicle, regardless of the contracted insurance coverage.
  • In the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle, the company is not obligated to replace the rented vehicle.


The vehicle must be returned to the specified location, date, and time stated in the contract, in the same condition as it was delivered by the company, including all documents, tires, tools, keys, and accessories. Any deviation from the agreed-upon return conditions may result in additional charges for the lessee. There is a 30-minute grace period for late returns beyond the agreed-upon time; otherwise, the customer will be charged the current daily rate for the extra days plus a 25% penalty.

The final rental amount will be calculated after the vehicle has been returned and the penalty specified in the previous paragraph has been applied.

If the vehicle is returned before the end of the contracted period, the lessee is not entitled to any refund of fees or insurance payments from the contract.


The minimum rental period is from 09:00 to 19:30 on the same day.


If you wish to change the driver during the rental period, you must visit the office to complete the necessary procedures.

This procedure will involve terminating the existing contract and issuing a new one. Driver changes will not be made over the phone and/or via email. It is essential to follow the above-mentioned procedure at our offices.


If you want to extend the rental period specified in the contract, please follow these steps:

  • Visit the office at least 24 hours before the initial rental period expires. The staff will check the vehicle’s availability for the new requested dates.
  • Conduct a vehicle inspection with a company representative.
  • Pay for the extended rental and any additional charges.
  • Sign a new rental contract or an addendum to the initial contract.
  • Failure to comply with the specified terms, including returning the vehicle on the agreed date and time, will result in the customer being charged the current daily rate for the extra days plus a 25% penalty.
  • The company reserves the right to deny extension requests for operational reasons.
  • Rental extensions will not be processed over the phone and/or via email. It is essential to follow the above-mentioned procedure at our offices.



  • The vehicle is provided to the customer with a minimum amount of fuel, and the lessee agrees to return it with the same amount. Otherwise, the lessee will be charged for the fuel shortage plus €15 for refueling expenses.
  • If the vehicle is returned with more fuel than at the time of pick-up, the customer can claim a refund for the remaining fuel by providing the corresponding fuel receipt/invoice, which will become the property of the company.
  • Under no circumstances will fuel be refunded without the submission of the aforementioned receipt.
  • It is the lessee’s responsibility to refuel the vehicle with the appropriate type of fuel. Any expenses or repairs (towing, filter replacement, or other components, vehicle immobilization, fines, etc.) resulting from the use of improper fuel will be the responsibility of the lessee.


In the event of a fine, the lessee will be charged €45 as an administrative handling fee. This amount does not include the fine itself. Payment of fines and administrative handling fees is not covered by any of the insurance options available for purchase. If the authorities impound the vehicle due to an act or omission on the part of the lessee, regardless of the cause, the lessee will be held responsible and will compensate ARTEAGA Y ROSELLO CB for all expenses (towing, impound fees, penalties, etc.) and lost profits (according to the current rates) incurred as a result.


The lessee expressly authorizes the company to charge the provided credit card for expenses related to the contract, and subsequently send the receipt to the customer, in the event that any established amount and/or charges arising from the general conditions of the contract need to be paid. These may include:

  • Outstanding balance on the previously agreed amount.
  • Damage caused to the vehicle, even after the contract has been settled, if damage is found during the vehicle’s preparation process for the next rental.
  • Additional cleaning required due to excessive dirt upon vehicle return.
  • Late return of the vehicle or rental extensions without following the procedure established in clause 5.9.
  • Administrative fines.
  • Administrative handling fees.
  • Liabilities for accidents.
  • Any other charges resulting from the lessee’s negligent actions.


The lessee may additionally hire the following services and/or extras:

  • Delivery outside office hours
  • Return outside office hours
  • Second helmet
  • Additional driver
  • Driver under 23 years old

See the rates for additional charges, services, and extras.


This service will be charged to the lessee in the following cases:

  • Error, negligence, or misuse of the vehicle by the lessee.
  • Loss of keys, breakage, dampness, or abandonment.
  • Lack of fuel or refueling with inappropriate fuel.
  • Retrieval of vehicles in places or roads unsuitable for driving or unpaved roads.
  • Dead battery (in the event of lessee negligence).

Customers will be responsible for paying all expenses incurred (except for damages attributable to the company).


The lessee must keep the identification stickers and keychain of the company in the rented vehicle in order to be identified. Removal of these items will result in an additional charge of €25 for their replacement.


The lessee must remove their personal belongings from the vehicle at the end of the rental agreement. The company is not responsible for any items left in the vehicle. However, any item found in the vehicle can be sent to the lessee, with transportation costs to be borne by the lessee.


The prices of the contract will be based on the current general rate, which is publicly available at the company’s premises. The lessee explicitly acknowledges having knowledge of the rate’s content prior to signing the rental agreement. All prices are expressed in euros.


All lessees and/or additional drivers will be jointly liable for all obligations assumed by the lessee in the contract and all applicable legislation.


If you wish to make any suggestions regarding our services, you can do so by email at [email protected]. If you wish to file a complaint, our offices have official complaint forms that will be kindly provided to you.


The deposit will be returned after the vehicle has been examined. In the event of damages due to misuse, the amount the customer must pay will be determined through a detailed note. The lessee authorizes the deduction of this amount from the deposited deposit. If it is not possible to assess the damages immediately, the company will have 30 days to return the remaining amount of the deposit, after deducting the cost of the repair if applicable.


The customer’s failure to show up at the agreed place and time for the start of the service will be considered a unilateral termination of the contract and reservation by the customer, with a penalty of 100% of the contracted rental value. This non-appearance allows the company to dispose of the reserved vehicle, and the lessee has no right to any compensation.


Rental agreements are governed by all Spanish legislation that applies to them. The parties expressly submit to the arbitration boards of Transportation, Courts, and Tribunals of Ibiza for any incidents and issues arising from this contract, except for matters related to Consumer Affairs, which will be governed by the jurisdiction established in their own regulations.


View at the web address


In order to preserve and protect the vehicle and to detect and prevent crimes, the company may use electronic devices that allow monitoring the condition and operation of the vehicle and/or tracking its movements. This information may be used during and after the rental period, solely for the purpose of executing, controlling, and fulfilling this Rental Agreement.

By accepting these General Rental Conditions, the customer/lessee expressly declares to have given explicit consent to the use of such electronic devices.


It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the appropriate and sufficient charge of the rented electric vehicle’s battery at all times.

In the event of assistance due to a discharged battery, the customer will be responsible for all incurred expenses (towing, technician’s travel, etc.), and a vehicle replacement will only be provided if available. If a replacement is possible, it will be done at our offices, with an additional charge of €100 for delivering the vehicle outside office hours.

If no vehicles are available for replacement, the customer will have to wait for the necessary time for a full battery recharge at their own risk and expense, and they will need to travel to our offices.

Upon return of the vehicle, it must have a minimum of 20% battery charge. Otherwise, a fee of €50 will be applied.

There are different public charging points (both free and paid) distributed throughout the island.


It is the lessee’s responsibility to read this contract carefully. Any questions or concerns must be raised before accepting and/or signing the contract.

In case of non-compliance with any of these clauses, the lessee assumes full responsibility for damages and losses that may arise from such non-compliance, both to the company and third parties.



The company includes third-party insurance for the vehicles in the rental price.

Third-party liability insurance covers damages caused to other vehicles, individuals, or property, excluding damages to the rented vehicle.

The minimum deposit amount will be €150 if a credit card is provided as a guarantee. If no credit card is available, the deposit amount will be €300 in cash. (see General Rates).

The deductible amount for damages exempted under this insurance is €0. The lessee will be responsible for the cost of damages to tires, rims, and locks. The minimum age to purchase this insurance is 23 years.


  • Loss, breakage, dampness, or theft of keys or remote controls.
  • Battery recharge due to customer negligence.
  • Administrative management expenses (Agency) arising from damages or theft of the vehicle.
  • Administrative management expenses for fines resulting from the initiation of a traffic sanction procedure during the vehicle rental period.
  • Missing vehicle components.
  • Expenses incurred for the delivery of duplicate keys due to key loss, breakage, or abandonment.

In the General Rates, there is a list of the most common damages and their economic cost.


In any case, the insurance will be invalidated when the lessee fails to meet any of the conditions stated in clauses 5.2 and 5.5 of the General Rental Conditions. In such cases, the lessee will be responsible for all damages caused to the vehicle due to accidents, theft, breakdown, loss, or loss of its parts, as well as the days when the vehicle is out of service.

The maximum amount of money, deductible, that the lessee will have to pay for the cost of damages to the vehicle will also be invalidated.

In the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle, the company is not obliged to replace the rented vehicle.

In case of theft, the coverage of the contracted insurance will not apply if the lessee does not file the corresponding report within 24 hours and return the vehicle keys.

In case of an accident, the coverage of the contracted insurance will not apply if the lessee does not present the corresponding accident report.



The deposit will be charged depending on the number of days and whether the guarantee is pre-authorized with a credit card or cash deposit.

  • Scooter: Starting from €150 with a maximum of €400.
  • Electric Bicycle: Starting from €100 with a maximum of €200.
  • Bicycle: Starting from €50 with a maximum of €100.


  • Incorrect fuel: €200
  • Fine management: €45
  • Administrative management in case of damages: €25
  • Delivery of duplicate keys: €50
  • Refueling expenses: €15
  • Failure to submit accident report: €80
  • Reservation modifications: €10


  • Additional helmet: €5/day
  • Additional driver: €5/day
  • Armored lock: €5/per rental


  • Roadside assistance and towing: €100
  • Delivery from 08:00 to 08:59: €15
  • Return from 19:31 to 20:30: €15
  • Delivery and return at a location different from the Office: €80


  • Rear lights: €100
  • Tire repair: €35
  • Tire: €100
  • Side mirror: €60
  • Indicator light: €65
  • Keys: €150
  • Helmet: €150


These General Rental Conditions, Insurance, and Rates are valid as of: 01/05/2023.

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